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If you are an old Counter-Strike player searching for the old school game, we’re here to cover you! We offer CS 1.5 Download on our website with the latest features which you can’t find anywhere else.

That includes the ability to play in the latest version of the game. That’s right, if you download CS 1.5 from our website, you can join any CS 1.6 server to play in!

Our Counter-Strike 1.5 version is an edited edition of CS to look identical to the old version. You can it with the latest game algorithms, we just changed how does it look!

CS 1.5 players models, maps, HUD texts, weapon models, map overviews, knife, sprites, sounds, UI sounds, text colours…

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Counter-Strike 1.5 Overview:

CS 1.5 was released in June 12, 2002. In that time, Valve has decided to add the game to Steam and releasing it to the public as one of the beta versions of the game.

The changes made since the 1.4 Version wasn’t that big, but it definitively have an obvious differences between 1.6. And that goes very well to almost everything, so keep reading for more!

At the CS 1.5 release, the major modifications was about the mod, retail and a server-side game release. In other words, it was a basic bug fixing.

Such as adding “exec” command to work only in cfg and rc files, the fixing of “mp_hostagepenalty”, fixing the problem with server locking when the bomb is planted and a new player joins the server. And many other similar fixes was made… The only obvious change of this version was the Map “Piranesi” added.

So what makes it so special? Counter-Strike 1.5 was the latest version before the major famous update of CS 1.6 version, and that means a clean version of custom major changes since the first release of the game. So, that includes literaly everything!

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What makes Counter-Strike 1.5 so special?

If you consider checking the diferences between CS 1.5 and the latest Counter-Strike game versions, you will not find any major one of them. Not an obvious one at least!

So, what does make CS 1.5 that popular? And what makes us providing it at it’s own private special page?

Counter-Strike 1.5 was the latest release before 1.6 (well, i know that you already know it :D). But the point in here that it’s different from CS 1.6, because the 1.6 version has the big major changes itself. And that includes basically everything catching the eye.

Starting from the complete rework of the launcher UI (User-Interface), adding the IDF refender and Clarion 5.56 rifles, new versions of Inferno, Aztec, Airstrip… Algorithms updates, fixing bugs as well as in any other update and even HLTV major patches!
You can read more about Counter-Strike patches here.

Is it worth to Download?

Absolutely yes! If you like the old CS 1.5 version, then why not? Nothing to worry about. This version is an edited version of Counter-Strike 1.6 as any of other our versions (Warzone, Original, CS:GO…). So, basically it’s CS 1.6 with edited models, sounds, sprites, text colors and any of the other changes.

The algorithms of the game are the same of the latest version, which allows you to connect to any of the cs 1.6 servers and play with real players! We have different download methods allowing you to download CS 1.5 with the best provided ease and performance. Select one of the provide and hit the button to start the download!

direct download buttongoogle drive download buttontorrent download button

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