cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

Counter Strike 1.7 Download available for free in our website. As known as CS 1.7, it’s an edited version of the default Counter-Strike version of the game. Which make it a special edition and we’re glad to call it the new version or Counter-Strike 1.7 (CS 1.7)

This version have totally new models, sounds, GUI, weapon models, maps and basically everything else… We made it to all the CS players that whant a new different thing, a new gameplay experience while playing the same game! That’s right, this game allow you to connect and play in your same favourites servers, maps and with the same CS 1.6 players

CS 1.7 is just an edited version of CS 1.6, like any other edition provided by our side (Warzone,Original, CS GO mod…). It is also the same known XTCS Final release. Well, we do call it with 2 different names, and it does worth both of them!

Counter-Strike 1.7Counter-Strike 1.7 Overview

As you can see, even the disk image of this CS 1.7 edition of the Original version. Everything basically is new and modified in this game, and i must say from my personal experience it’s worth and much enjoyable to play!

New maps! The same classic maps of CS, but with a new outfit, and edited textures. That includes all the known maps such as the famous Dust2

New models! Starting from players models, weapon models, hostage models, weapon models. Even some items models, such as map items… That doesn’t end here, it goes to sounds which also has been totally modified with a new sounds to make sure that you got all a new gaming experience while playing!

So, CS 1.7 works as same as all the old version (well it’s the same after all). It does not reuire any new requiements but have all the same. It works in all windows versions (from XP to 10) and have no game crushes, lag, or any of the file missing, totally full!

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

How to get CS 1.7 Download?

CS 1.7 Download is free and available fom our website with a secure and extremely fast unlimited download speed! Choose one of the download methods above and start downloading with one simple click! Install the game with the latest compression and installation algorithms, allowing you to install it in a less than a minute!

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