Counter-Strike 1.6 Original Download – CS 1.6 Original non-Steam

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Original edition and non-steam version of the game for Free! With the original models, maps, skins, cfg, background, sprites and sounds. You can download CS 1.6 original with the best-guaranteed performance and user experience and latest 2019 PC version!

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About Counter-Strike 1.6 Original:

Counter-Strike 1.6 OriginalCS 1.6 original no-steam is a free edition of the original steam version of the game. Built with the same original models, weapon skins, maps and sounds. CS 1.6 original is just a free to download version!

So, with our CS 1.6 original download, we can absolutely guarantee the original maps, skins, models, weapon models. With the latest version to work in your own PC with the best reliability and performance

That comes with the fastest possible download speed, with unlimited allowed max speed and built-in with CDN network.

You can download and install cs 1.6 original within a minute. With the latest installation algorithms to ensure the maximum setup file compression with the fastest download and installation!

With our edition of the game, apart from playing the no-steam game for free. We ensure the ease and fast and especially the security of using our website and downloading with it. And that includes the isolation of any kind of problems. Protected against Slow-Hacks, with a fully working Master server. Full cs 1.6 original files available to download.

So, no game crashes, no missing file error, you can play peacefully with absolutely no lag! If you want to download CS 1.6 original, just pick your download preference bellow and download with 1 simple click!

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

Original Maps:

unlike other modified editions and version of the game, our Counter-Strike 1.6 Original edition contains full original maps pack of the same Steam version of the game. That includes all the popular maps like Dust2, Dust2, Inferno, Assault, Aztec and so on…

Original Models:

Counter-Strike 1.6 models consists of many type of them, that goes for player models, hands models, weapon models and even some extra items in certain maps

Player Models: if we talk about models (as known as skins), players models is one of the most edited parts in other CS 1.6 editions. Anyway, we ensure the use of CS 1.6 original player models in our CS 1.6 Original edition. And that goes well for all of the player models including Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists and original hostages models

Weapons Models: Of course, this is another big part of the modified editions and one of the most obvious parts. Our CS 1.6 Original contains all the original Steam weapon models. That includes the CS 1.6 AWP Original model (Skin), AK 47 original Skin and all other different weapons, pistols and so on!

Hands and knife Models: CS 1.6 knife and hands can be modified as well. Like any other game models, we ensure the use of Counter-Strike 1.6 original knife and hands models in the Original edition

Original Sounds:

Like any other files of the game, CS 1.6 sounds are an extremely important part. So, we make sure that each edition has the sounds belong to it. And that goes very well with our Counter-Strike 1.6 original edition and the sounds of it

When we talk about sounds, that means the weapons sounds, radio sounds, foot-steps sounds and any other maps and game sound effects!

So, we ensure the use of the same original game sounds with our no-steam version of the game, so we can give the opportunity to whoever player to play CS 1.6 Original with all the original sounds, music and effect!

cs 1.6 direct downloadcs 1.6 google drive downloadcs 1.6 torrent download

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